About SoluDyne


SoluDyne is specializing in the niche of corporate governance: steering, control, compliance and continuous improvement. The company has engaged in long-term work on corporate governance since its inception in the 1990s.


SoluDyne sells and services our self-developed product SoluDyne. The product is a technology leader within Business Management, focusing on strategic management, process steering, knowledge management and quality improvement.


The product provides support for the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and measurement of results. Mission, vision, strategies, strategic and operational objectives with critical success factors, key performance indicators and action plans are broken down over the overall organizational level into various units.


A range of management models are supported and compliance with existing regulations, laws and requirements relating to activities is ensured.



The Company

  • The company was formed by and is based on best practices from leading companies in the energy, oil & gas and aerospace industries.

  • The cultivation of best practice is the driving force for SoluDyne and the glue that binds the company, products and employees together.

  • The company is known as a leading provider of expertise and dynamic solutions for dynamic, integrated management.

  • It is a knowledge-centre with certified SoluDyne consultants who offer expertise in competency and dynamic software solutions.

  • Provides a broad-based training program that provides all users at all levels with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective utilization of the SoluDyne system.

  • The academy has a design team of skilled designers and programmers working in a range of disciplines.

  • The team has 15 years of experience in the public sector, energy, finance etc. The niche has always been actively integrated management and control, with continuous improvement of Best Practice through close cooperation with the customer.

  • The company is based in Stavanger, Norway, with sales and support offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Aalborg and St. Petersburg.
  • Strategic Objective

    To be a leading provider of integrated business management.


  • Vision

    SoluDyne values accountability and we wish to demonstrate an active interest in a solution-oriented approach in order to build trust and guarantee win-win relationships. Employees must be a team of professional staff who have expertise in their own working areas and who are always loyal to SoluDyne Governing Documentation.


    SoluDyne must accelerate growth by focusing on Best Practice and sustainable development. In order to promote an independent and pro-active company, we must cultivate the values that form the basis for a civil society, free market economy and democracy.


  • Mission

    Our mission is to help you become great at business management.

  • Background/History

    • SoluDyne was established as a knowledge, consulting and IT company in 1997.
    • The core group who established the company were experts in the fields of aviation and oil.
    • The arena was international: Scandinavia, the European Union and the United States.
    • Supporting actors for the company came from Norwegian and large international companies such as Avaya (TNT) and RJR Nabisco, and with a background from NTH, BI, Lund in Sweden and IMD in Switzerland.
    • For the first three years, SoluDyne was solely engaged in consultancy and we used a self-developed system for managing information in project work in collaboration with our customers.
    • The usefulness of the developed system meant that we quickly realised the potential to sell the product to existing and new customers.
    • Over many years, therefore, SoluDyne has accumulated experience in the public sector, energy, aviation, finance, manufacturing and SMEs.
    • The niche has always been actively integrated management and control, with continuous improvement of Best Practice through close cooperation with the customer.

  • Quality System

    Quality management

    SoluDyne has emphasized the important principles of ISO and wants an approach to quality that should be preventive and not corrective.


    Customer satisfaction

    We want to fulfil our clients’ needs and expectations, and we actively seek feedback concerning customer satisfaction.


    The client’s objectives

    We focus on the objectives and expectations the clients has for our deliveries. Our clients’ objectives and expectations should also be our objective.



    The company is convinced that training should go hand in hand with skills development. Through our system of development discussions and active, ongoing registration of each employee’s acquired knowledge, we can provide our customers with the human resources necessary to ensure the proper production quality.


    Transfer of experience

    Specific transfer of experience from projects with subsequent upgrading of our Management System ensures evidence-based quality improvements.


    Code of Conduct

    By linking the work processes with a Code of Conduct and strategies, in addition to other external and internal requirements, SoluDyne ensures compliance with its motto: Correct behaviour is the best protection.


  • SoluDyne the brand

    SoluDyne Logo

    SoluDyne’s name is a word-play on dynamic solutions.
    SoluDyne develops and sells solutions. The company is creative in its solutions and the word “Solu” reflects this. The word “dyne” is derived from dynamic, meaning energy. It was decided to provide the market with this association because SoluDyne as a company has the ability to create movement, change and dynamic energy.


    The logo symbolizes what appropriate technology can do for humanity, i.e. be free, balanced, supportive and centralized. The icon reflects technological advances, and is used separately or together with the company’s logo SoluDyne.

    Rønnaug Foss Alsvik in from the advertising agency Bindestreken designed the icon and logo.

    She was given a mathematical graph based on two curves, showing the centre of energy or the “Location of the energy centre”. During a short trip to the office between a concert and advertising work, she designed the icon that just appeared on her notepad, as she explained it. The symbol is called evolution, the same as our technology, and will always be associated with the eternally changing development of the earth.


    SoluDyne’s logo is intended to inspire and provide the ability to be centred, while still implementing changes as the times change. The company must be managed and enhanced by a creative energy based on human resources who understand the market and its needs.

  • Values


    SoluDyne was founded on the idea that all the employees are part of a team of professionals, and experts in their own fields. Personnel associated with SoluDyne must be treated and must treat others with dignity, regardless of gender, race or age.


    Our ethics programme and history establishes and enforces an ethical culture, where employees can

    feel secure in their company’s commitment to its own value programme.


    SoluDyne’s motto is: Correct behaviour is the best protection. Implementation of this motto means that all personnel associated with SoluDyne must follow the ethical path, and use SoluDyne’s Code of Conduct as a basis for action and interaction in everyday life.




    At SoluDyne, employees should experience SoluDyne as creative and dynamic, where knowledge and individual skills are constantly maintained and developed. The employees are trained to be a team of professionals, skilled in their work, and always loyal to Solu-Dyne’s governing documents.



    SoluDyne is committed to ensuring that our clients maximize the return on invested capital, which is achieved through the purchase of services from SoluDyne. SoluDyne expects its employees to always be loyal to the company’s policy in their dealings with customers, and to be accountable for individual and corporate commitments.



    At SoluDyne, we want people to trust us because of our commitment to them and to the standards we uphold. We alone are responsible for maintaining our high standards of quality and integrity. This means acting responsibly in all our professional relationships, in a manner that is consistent with the high standards we set for our business activities. Our customers, partners and shareholders depend on us to deliver creativity, innovation, integrity and quality.


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Dette er SoluDyne sin logo. SoluDyne leverer system for virksomhetsstyring.
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Dette ikonet viser SoluDyne logoen. SoluDyne utvikler og leverer software for virksomhetsstyring.


Dette ikonet viser SoluDyne logoen. SoluDyne utvikler og leverer software for virksomhetsstyring.

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