About SoluDyne

SoluDyne is specializing in the niche of corporate governance: steering, control, compliance and continuous improvement. The company has engaged in long-term work on corporate governance since its inception in the 1990s.

SoluDyne sells and services our self-developed product SoluDyne. The product is a technology leader within Business Management, focusing on strategic management, process steering, knowledge management and quality improvement.

The product provides support for the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and measurement of results. Mission, vision, strategies, strategic and operational objectives with critical success factors, key performance indicators and action plans are broken down over the overall organizational level into various units.

A range of management models are supported and compliance with existing regulations, laws and requirements relating to activities is ensured.



Process steering and management documentation

Work processes with requirements, best practices and check-lists.

Clarification, conformity, compliance, roles/position, linking. Mapping and process modelling according to the APOS method: our consultants are specialists in process mapping and work in the specialist field continuously.


HSE and Quality Management

HSE management, HSE analysis, HSE audits and HSE documentation. The company will be trained to regard Quality and HSE as activities and mindsets that the entire company must adopt, participate in and take responsibility for. It is organized and implemented such that Quality and HSE pervades all levels of the organization.


HR and competency management

Services for HR and competency management: process understanding, support and expertise.


Risk management

  • Risk management, Risk identification, Risk analysis, Action planning, Implementation and follow-up of measures. Our consultants help your organization to implement risk management in a simple way: What is acceptable risk?
  • What can happen? Impact analysis.
  • Describe the cause and effect of the event.
  • Barriers/measures which reduce the likelihood of incidents.
  • Recommended measures to reduce risk.
  • Assess and set goals for the risk index with an actual new risk index.
  • Display in risk area chart


Other services:

  • Process understanding, support and competency.
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Finance.
  • IT services and support.
  • Production, operation and maintenance.
  • Projects, Modifications and engineering services.
  • Systems and equipment.


SoluDyne Courses


The SoluDyne Academy represents a broad-based training offer. This ensures knowledge and skills for all users at all levels to achieve effective utilization of the SoluDyne system.

The SoluDyne training structure is comprised of steps, where each step leads to a new certification. The courses consist of practical tasks, where theory is integrated into the courses.



  • An appropriate level of knowledge provides a more efficient organization and better ROI – Return on Investment.
  • It supports the organization’s efforts to comply with external regulations, requirements and standards like ISO9001, AS/EN9100, EASA Part – 21, 145 147.
  • An efficiently run organization is characterized by a high degree of compliance.
  • A better understanding and ownership of responsibilities, tasks and roles in the organization.
  • Case officers become able to train their own organization.
  • The same quality of delivery, regardless of the person.



Certified instructors for user-training, combined with the use of SoluDyne consultancy services for implementation support,

provides total assurance of success in introducing SoluDyne. When owners and case officers are certified, they can easily train and keep their organization updated.




Training is an important factor for achieving success and should be planned at the start of any project.


SoluDyne is a total provider of business management and offers courses in:

  • Strategic management
  • Process orientation
  • Competency management
  • Quality improvement


The courses can be classroom based, workshops or online.


Customised training

SoluDyne instructors are competent to perform customized courses in a variety of market verticals.




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