CAT Competency Management

CAT enables the company to carry out effective measures focusing on the right skills, goals and measures for each employee.

The steering processes create support for the entire organization, from analysis and strategy development to implementation and follow-up of results.

  • Develops a competency structure that secures short-term and long-term goals for the organization.

  • Supports the organization’s efforts to comply with external regulations, requirements and standards AS/EN9100, EASA Part – 21, 145 147 and ISO9001: 2008.

  • CAT is a tool created for active management of competency and is a development and quality assurance tool for the entire organization and the individual employee.

  • Offers employees development in line with market demands and the goals of the organization.
  • Assists the dialogue between managers and employees and provides the basis for appropriate development activities.

  • CAT manages the organization’s competencies in order to ensure optimal resource utilization and attainment of objectives.

  • Assists in putting together project teams with the necessary skills for complex projects.

  • The module helps to monitor the competence and other information about the employees who are affected by regulations issued by the company or an organization described in ISO9001: 2000, AS/EN9100 and EASA Part 145.
  • Some competences are subject to strict requirements for continuous training and tests. The solution helps to monitor critical skills and authorizations with specific time limits for renewal.

  • Increased accumulation of knowledge.

  • Measurement of competency gap of employees.

Complete system that can grow with your organization’s needs

Used by organizations with 10 employees with simple requirements for skills management and major requirements for simplicity.


Used by organizations with several thousand employees

Strict regulatory requirements for control of competency management, and for who is allowed to perform which tasks, right down to the level of the expiry date on the stamp.


Continuous training

Instructors can send the required updated knowledge to individual employees or groups based on competency profiles.


Competence areas can be linked to business goals and strategies

The solution makes it possible to connect relevant areas of expertise to the organization’s business goals and strategies.

A tool that keeps the competency gap to a minimum.


  •     Course management
  •     Competency management
  •     Certificate management
  •     GAP analysis
  •     Action plans
  •     Employee appraisal interviews
  •     CV



Supports reports and graphs, including webs.


CAT is the complete system for competencies, courses and certificate management.




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