Actions on the North Pole-

Season's Greetings from SoluDyne

Lately, due to globalization, a good deal of children from Japan, South Korea and China have started writing letters to Santa Claus, of the North Pole. We of the North Pole Post ask the following question: “How do Santa and the elves cope with the larger onslaught of letters?”

Process modelling directly in the browser

Process modelling directly in the browser. SoluDyne 2017 supports Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The History of APOS - Work Process Oriented Management

The abbreviation was introduced in a project  implemented by  Norsk Hydro Production and SoluDyne from 2002- 2006. It soon came to be a standard for process orientation in the North Sea supporting PTIL's recommendation on process handling.


Season's Greetings from SoluDyne

Click on the image below to get a peak into how the Logistics Department at the North-Pole perform their RISK Analysis for Christmas.

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Welcome to St. Petersburg

Welcome to SoluDyne’s office in St. Petersburg. SoluDyne’s employees enjoy their time in the office which provides a wonderful view over the rooftops of St. Petersburg.


Thank You for a Successful User Conference

This year’s SoluDyne User Conference was a great success. Many thanks go to the customers who contributed in making the days into a special occasion.



Chief of Operations celebrating a 10 years anniversary in SoluDyne

The success of a company depends largely on the people who work in it.


Chief of Operations, Veronika Eie celebrated her 10th anniversary in SoluDyne this past week.



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Dette ikonet viser SoluDyne logoen. SoluDyne utvikler og leverer software for virksomhetsstyring.


Dette ikonet viser SoluDyne logoen. SoluDyne utvikler og leverer software for virksomhetsstyring.