QIS Quality Improvement System

Continous Quality Improvement for Both Large and Small Business

The Quality improvement module is designed to handle all types of observations: improvement proposals, observations, deviations, applications for exemptions, audit findings, HSE and other types of events.

The system focuses on the important principles of the ISO standard and ensures an approach to quality that should be preventive and not corrective.

Effective Documentation

Ensures that the quality-assurance work of the organization is documented, effective and is assessed by qualified personnel.


Improving the Work Processes

The quality system can be connected to the work processes. QIS supports the effort to continually improve work processes as well as the company in achieving the desired performance. It is a flexible tool that covers the company’s needs regardless of size and business area.


Involving the Employees

It helps to involve the employees in the improvement process. The individual employee is directly involved in cultivating best practice and improving their own work processes.


Secure Handling of Sensitive Issues

Ensures secure handling of sensitive issues


Find the Cause of Deviations

The system supports efforts to find the cause of deviations and events.


Measurable Improvements

SoluDyne has tools for measuring quality in work processes.


Non-conformance and Preventive Action

Meets regulatory requirements for non-conformance processing and ensures preventive action.


Centralized and Distributed Case Processing

Possibility of centralized and/or distributed case processing.


Secure and Safe

QIS helps to make the workplace secure and safe as well as avoiding undesirable events.


Feedback on Reported Cases

Feedback on reported cases is sent to interested parties as required and configured, and can be received in a work queue, sms or e-mail.


Simple Case Processing

Simple case processing that can be configured at installation according to requirements.


Developing and Implementing

Develop action plans, implement and verify actions.



Reports, statistics, trend analysis:

Collection of quality-related data for statistics.


Contains Tools for Risk Management and Risk Analysis

Risk management and analysis tools



Audit can be registered easily.


QIS History

QIS was originally developed in the 1990s for the aviation industry. It has also been called CAR, which stands for Corrective Action Reporting, and is the menu title where many of the QIS functionalities are located. SoluDyne QIS also comes in an Air Traffic Management (ATM) version that is used to receive and process events in the air.



SoluDyne – Quality Improvement

QIS is the quality improvement module in SoluDyne and it handles events, deviations, applications for exemptions, improvement proposals and revisions.

SoluDyne QIS is currently used in the aviation, energy, public administration and manufacturing/service sectors.


SoluDyne QIS is currently Used by Customers to Handle:

  • Incidents
  • HSE deviations and incidents
  • Deviations/Non-conformance
  • Observations
  • Technical findings
  • Applications for exemptions
  • Improvement proposals
  • Audit findings
Dette bildet viser en SoluDyne Kvalitetsapp skjermdump, med mulighet til å rapportere observasjon, sjekke styrende dokumenter osv.

SoluDyne Mobile App – Instant Report of Deviations



Employees report observations and deviations with pictures from their smartphones and tablet – anytime, anywhere.

The report is sent right into the system for further processing. Thus avoiding that important improvement items are forgotten. For further information just contact us info@soludyne.com or +47 51 850 850.


Read more about the Soludyne Quality App





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