Risk Management

Prevent adverse events and be in accordance with ISO standards. Identify, estimate and control costs and revenues associated with risk. Manage your company’s risk exposure, achieve control and clarity. Create action plans to reduce risks, and follow up through task handling in SoluDyne.


  • All analyses can be performed directly on Plans and Activities.

  • Ensures that the risk management work in the organization is documented, effective and is assessed by qualified personnel.

  • Risk management and risk analysis can be connected to the work processes. Preventive and corrective measures are implemented and the individual employee is directly involved in cultivating best practice and improving their own work processes.

  • Reports show a continuous overview of risk areas.

  • Possibility of centralized and/or distributed case processing.

  • Use the standard risk matrix or create your own.

  • Conforms to regulatory requirements for risk management.


Measurable improvements

Tools for measuring the company’s risk exposure


Easy for end-users

Easy for end-users to create lists, evaluate and understand real risk.

Feedback through work queue, sms or e-mail

Feedback on reported cases is sent to the affected parties as required and configured.


Simple procedures

Case processing that can be configured at installation according to requirements.


Preventive and corrective measures

Develop action plans, implement and verify actions.


Reports, statistics, trend analysis

Collection of quality-related data for statistics.


Risk-management in SoluDyne

Supports ISO’s requirements for risk management.


Reduces the probability of of adverse incidents

Tool for risk management can be used separately – or integrated with the quality and management system SoluDyne.




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